Finding a Home for The Bird House

 In Giving Back

In my previous life, prior to becoming a realtor, I served over 5000 seniors, helping them to transition from home to a community setting.  I was a hospice director as well, serving 5000 patients in Iowa.  So quality of life and end of life care is something I am passionate about.

When Carol Tippe and Lois Bird asked me to help them find a location for Bird House, I was honored!  As a realtor, it was so much more than helping a client find a home.  We spent months looking for the perfect setting where families could focus on healing, when there was no cure.  During our time together, I learned about Carol and Lois’s vision, and I just knew this project was something special and unique to all other local options.

Bird House is a one of kind home, full of life and love and heart and soul.  Everyone deserves a good death and I believe that even in death there is life, especially at Bird House.

Visit The Hospice Home for more information on The Bird House! And share this story with someone you feel would enjoy watching it.

HC501 Team in Belize